Thursday, September 15, 2011

My not so boring summer

I am sure it is hard to imagine me complaining about how boring my summer was. But I did.
A lot.
So, I decided what I really needed to do is still down and write out every fun thing I could possibly remember from my summer 2011. And that is what I did.

1. Went rock wall climbing for the first time and became belay certified.
2. Went to Fedora and had fondue for the first time.
3. Ziplined with my mom, dad and two younger sisters.
4. Went to Chicago over Memorial Day weekend with Brandi.
5. Went on a romantic carriage ride.
6. Tried BBQ chicken pizza with was interesting!
7. Fell head over heels for the greatest man ever.
8. Jumped in the pool fully clothed.
9. Went to urgent care for the first time in my life for a dog bite.
10. Went antiquing with Leandra and Hannah.
11. Tried grilling for the first time. Failed and tried again two months later and succeeded.
12. Went to St. Louis 3 times which included going to the Cheesecake factory, visiting a wonderful friend, and going to the U2 concert with Rebekah.
13. Bought my wedding dress while accompanied by my great friend Nila.
14. Went to Murphy's orchard.
15. Had a wonderful 4th of July which included our awesome homemade slip n slide.
16. Played Just danced and liked it....for the most part.
17. Tried Andy's key lime pie concrete for the first time. I'd rather have something with chocolate but it was good.
18. Went to moonshine beach.
19. Went to Big Surf.
20. Kickball and game nights with the posse.
21. Had great family days and sister days.
22. Tons of skype dates! I've never dated so much in my life!
23. Had Fun random days with my baby sisters. (e.g. Falling off Tiffany's bed trying to make fun of her, Dancing like idiots to random songs, going to McDonald's for a .50 cone, jumping in the pool fully clothed.....and so many more)
I'd say that I had a pretty awesome summer! I know my fall is going to be even better and for the first time ever in my life, I can't wait until winter. Only because that means John will be home on his short leave and then just a short few months until the deployment is over. Oh, how I can't wait for the day to have him home.
I am so blessed.