Sunday, May 8, 2011

I would like to introduce you to my art.
This is the first tattoo I got. I was 19 and didn't really know what I wanted. I took my mom into the tattoo parlor looking at the pictures on the wall. Of course stars are one of my absolute favorite creations God made. My mom actually picked this one out. A couple days later I was back getting it done. You may be able to tell but this one is on my low back. Crazy, because some times I forget I even have this one but still love it. However, Not sure I'll ever get it touched up! Most painful one yet.

This next one I got when I was 20 and was designed by my brother-in-law. It is a four leaf clover and a horseshoe, In memory of my Grandpa. His life was way to short but he sure did leave such a great impression on my life. Three of my sisters, 1 cousin and I all have this one. This one is placed on my right inner ankle.

And last but most likely not least, I was 23 when I put so much thought into what I wanted so badly as a daily reminder of my faith. The word strength does not refer to my personal strength but the strength that God provides me with and a reminder that its ok for me to be weak and completely fall into God's arms and let him carry me through and be my strength. The Sparrow is for the old hymn "His eye is on the sparrow" one of the most amazing songs ever and a reminder that He will never take his eyes off of me. This one is placed on my left side.

To me if you are going to put any type of permanent ink on your body, make sure it means something.
                                          I love every one of mine.