Thursday, March 10, 2011

Little things that make my heart smile.

So many times in life we over look the small stuff in life. The little things that just make our hearts smile.

Today I had a few hours to waste so I went to a flea market. As soon as I walked in I heard a meow. I looked down and the sweetest little cat was looking at me. So, of course I had to pet her. She started to follow me through the market. I found it hilarious. I just wanted to pick her up and take her home with me!

The second thing is going to make me sound like a crazy lady that would fight over the dessert bar at the buffet! Back in what? October I believe, when the Andy's on Sunshine burnt down I vowed that I would not eat Andy's until they re-opened. Well, Today as I came to Springfield to the dentist (I don't have cavities so its ok!) I thought I would just go ahead and use my birthday coupon not knowing that they just re-opened on Sunshine! Crazy! But it made me smile! I can't wait until I leave Toyota to indulge in a James Brown Funky Jackhammer!

That's the most exciting thing going on around here! Life is grand!