Friday, October 8, 2010

Our first embarkation

I love to travel. Seeing new things is so exciting. In March this year I started researching Cruise lines out of bordem. Than realized how cheap it really was. So, 7 months later here we are 3 days away from our very first embarkation. It doesn't even seem real at this point. We truly have all been blessed to be able to go on such an adventure that most people never will have the privilege to go on. In the last month I have seen God provide in so many ways for all four of us! I love the fact that I know without a doubt that I can rely on Him for everything!
For those left behind, please do not take our excitement as bragging or boosting. None of us never thought we'd be going on such a trip and this is all out of excitement and God blessing us beyond our belief.  We want you to share in our excitement with us!
The last thing I ask of all you readers is to keep us in your prayers. We are driving from Missouri to Miami, Florida......Close to a 24 hour trip one way! Most people think we are crazy, We can't wait to make memories!
Well, I've got packing to do and errands to run! Don't miss us to much! XO